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"A great way to be impacted by many people in ways we ordinarily would never experience" - Hold These Truths Audience Member

Move Back

Move Backs allow audiences to utilize movement as a way of expressing their reactions

Move Backs are non-verbal expressions using organic movement that allow audiences to process without words and answer questions using a more kinesthetic approach.


Move Backs were developed with the Summer Leadership Institute, the Urban Bush Women, and the Dance Exchange exploring race in America.

Jean's House, a RACC funded devised performance about home, belonging and race, launched the current format of the Move Backs.


Move Backs have been presented in partnership with Dance Exchange, Artists Repertory Theatre, Portland Center Stage, and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. 

Audience comments after our organized Move Back following Jean's House:

  • "The move back was a special opportunity  to build connections and collectively process the show more deeply.


  • "How lovely the move back was and took us (well me, really) out of 'audience mode' and into something like a birth of a community. Very engaging, humane experiment."


  • "This allowed me to connect more deeply with my own feelings inspired by the performance by creating an opportunity to connect intimately with others in attendance - a time and rare taste of community!"


  • "It was great to see and hear other people's responses to the show and see how it manifested in movement. We go to the theater to be moved and here, we moved."

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